Friday, March 26, 2010

Beach Schooling

We spent the last two days at Manual Antonio beach. I love that beach and we have all made friends and regulars there who really look forward to our visits. Baby knows her way around very well and has a pretty good routine there. She found some great shells there today and will be working on jewelry all weekend with the shells she found. She is also getting to be pretty awesome at boogey boarding. I am thinking a few surf lessons in the near future.

Teenager spent the time getting to know all the surfers hanging out in the shade with us. She can sure wheel and deal for a good price on boogey boards though. I was glad to see that she did some swimming and was pretty active this time. In the past she just wanted to sit and not play as much. Good to see her playing.

While baby and I were collecting shells we started talking about where they all came from. I told her we would google them and find out what the shells are all called and where they came from, she has forgotten but I am on it. I try to keep her interested in things she expresses and interest in, however fleeting it may be.

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