Thursday, September 9, 2010

Finishing Up

We are almost done with our mandatory first grade experience. Today is "dia de nino". School today will include a 60's rock and roll party as well as lots of junk food. Baby is very excited and ready to celebrate with her peers their day.

I figure every day is kids day, but hey one more reason to celebrate.

I think the plan we have come up with is a "transfer" to a private school after we complete this year. Baby said she really wants to be home and so we will make that happen. The trick is doing it so we don't get into trouble with the PANI.

When you are a "guest" in a foreign country it is very important to play by the rules. Not quite my cup of tea for those who know me, but we are doing our best at it. I do have to say the teachers and director have bent over backwards trying to make baby happy.

Two days ago two big girls came up to her when I was picking her up and said "hi Maleah". I asked her how they knew her name. Then I remembered that we raised such a fuss about the other kids calling her "cheena" and they talked to all the kids. Like they talked to the whole school. So of course now the kids know her name, and it is not "cheena".

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