Thursday, May 6, 2010

Creative Days

Teeny has friends coming to visit from the U.S. They will be arriving tomorrow and she is very excited. She has planned their whole itinerary for their time in Costa Rica. Their first visit will be early Sat. morning when they will head to Manual Antonio beach for two days.

They will come home to rest Sunday night and then head up to Monte de la Cruz for a campout Monday night and Tuesday. After a day of rest they will head up to Arenol volcano for a overnight at what we think is one of the most beautiful places on earth!

This will be her first trip as a tour guide and she is very excited and nervous that everything goes well. No matter what it will all be Pura Vida for sure.

The best part for us was all the great cleaning and organizing she has done on her bedroom, it looks great!

Today she took her little sister with her to get the dog her vitamin K shot and they went to have ice cream. They had taken both dogs and while they were at the park the little guy tried to jump up on a wall and knocked himself silly. They were about to head back to the vets place to get him checked, when he finally got his head back on right.

It was a really nice day weather wise and they had a great time hanging out and eating ice cream.

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