Saturday, June 26, 2010

Art Classes

Today baby went to her first ever formal art class. The little cafe we like to eat at was offering a childrens art class. They studied pottery and looked at a few books. They then let the kids make a little clay pot. Maleah offered to teach me how to do it after I raved about hers.

Breyssi did a beautiful one with snakes and all kinds of decorations on it. It was great to see them interact with the other children, and the teacher who was wonderful. After the class the cafe made them a little snack and some juice. A fun day for six bucks. It is good to see them offering things like this for the kids.

It was funny because yesterday we told the girls they would be going for an art class today. This morning Breyssi said she did not feel good and did not want to go to the art class. I wrote the teacher and told her that Breyssi was not feeling good and would not make it. Later in the day Breyssi was talking about how she did not want to go to the class because of all the water. I asked her what she was talking about there was no water at an art class. She perked right up and said she wanted to go then.

I think those water boarding um excuse me swimming lessons scarred her for life!

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