Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ready to Move Out

Today we made the trek to town. That would be about six blocks from our house to be exact, so not far at all. In fact Benji can walk all the way. We made a quick stop at the Macrobiotica for some sea salt and calcium and magnesium. Then it was off to the Ropa Americana for some great deals on used clothes. We are great fans of used clothing. The little girls are the best little shoppers you have ever seen. They can spot the cute clothes miles away and always end up getting some great deals.

Once we finished there we headed down a couple doors to the bakery to get the kids a quick snack. I was standing there getting ready to ask baby what she wanted to order for her snack. She marched right up to the counter and asked the guy in Spanish if he had any ham and cheese empanadas. He said no only cheese. So she told him she wanted two of them, and two grape juices also. He was just cracking up by this time and looked at me with a shocked look.

For some reason people are always shocked when she starts speaking Spanish to them. They always ask if she speaks English or Chinese. The Chinese will have to come later, right now is Spanish time.

After they got the goodies she went over to the caja and paid the cashier for the snacks. He took her money and handed her the change. When she walked over to us her sister asked her if she got the right change. She said yes and went over to the park to eat their snacks.

This would have to be one of the best things about living here in Costa Rica and raising kids. It is just so easy to take them everywhere, without even having a car. I told baby that it was good to know they could get along on their own. If they had some money they would be able to get themselves around town and even buy their own food and even pick up some snacks at the health food store if need be. It is great!

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