Thursday, June 10, 2010

Laid Back Days of Rainy Season

When I tell people we just chill during rainy season, I mean chill! Little Rica above is just a little example of our days here during the rainy season in Costa Rica. It just seems natural to want to rest and sleep while it is raining in the afternoon, so that is what we do.

Usually after lunch we will hang out for an hour or so and then baby will start yawning. I ask her if she wants a story and we head off to the bed. Usually after one story she is ready to crash out. She does not sleep every day, but about three days a week works well for her.

She has always been one who loves her sleep. She will sleep until nine or ten in the mornings. Of course she has nothing on teeny who will sleep until noon. Her boyfriend gives her all kinds of grief about being sooo lazy. I just figure she is still growing or something.

It will sure be a shock to our systems when we go to the states and it is not raining. Of course the way things are going when we hit Texas it will be full of water! Until then we will enjoy our laid back dog days.

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